Business and Education

Business and Education Instructional Services

Strategic Communication

This course provides an extensive analysis of interpersonal communication styles and techniques utilizing current, effective methods of diffusing conflict and gaining voluntary compliance and cooperation from hostile, uncooperative, or emotionally upset individuals.​

Cultural Diversity

This training promotes an enhanced understanding and awareness of the diverse cultures within our communities and explores the root causes of prejudice and intolerance in society. By becoming culturally competent, our clients and their staff can enhance their level of understanding of the

communities they serve, improve their ability to foster strong relationships, facilitate collaboration, ​and increase cooperation.

Crisis Intervention/ De-Escalation Training for Civilians

This course will provide the same minimum topics that are mandated by California law for peace officers, which includes eight hours of crisis intervention and behavioral health training. Students are provided with the knowledge, skills, and ability to identify people with mental illness and effectively assess, communicate, and utilize de-escalation techniques while maintaining their safety.