Student Feedback

Great class!! We WILL be sending people here instead of the other classes offered. I was on the fence about this class (vs. going to an in-person class at an agency). I am glad I did and by far, this is the best class and I learned a lot of useful stuff (instead people coming back saying they learned nothing, but "got a certificate" to comply with POST). Thank you!! – Chula Vista PD

This has been one of if not the best online course I have taken. Jim and Matt do a great job of keeping everyone involved and moving forward. Thank you – San Diego County District Attorney Office

The base knowledge is excellent and having real world examples, especially personal examples, as well as

being able to review POST DORS/Remediation plans, was key in helping understand the information. I feel

like the presenters/trainers were excellent in instilling excitement in becoming an FTO. I was voluntold to do the FTO program and now that we've done training, I'm actually pretty stoked for it. -40 HR FTO SFSU PD

All instructors made the zoom based training very entertaining and interactive. The instructors were all very

informative and helpful. I wasn't too sure how this week would go on zoom, but I can say you guys did an excellent job. I really enjoyed this week of training. – 40 HR FTO Alameda PD


Thank you. I have taken online courses like this in the past. This class has by far been the best, most interesting, and well laid out online class I have attended. 

Really liked the breakdown of the different learning styles. I went into the class with no real knowledge on specific ways to teach others. Now leaving, I feel very confident that I will be able to find out exactly how my trainees learn and retain info.  Thanks for keeping the class lively. I can imagine that its a difficult thing for the presenters to do...especially over zoom. However, I think the instructors knocked it out of the park. -Glendale PD


Great course, by far the most thorough Zoom style course I have taken. Very well organized with the groups, breakout rooms etc. Great work.

The class had a good flow from topic to topics keeping everyone in the class actively participating. The use

of multiple instructors was good to see a different POV from current/former FTO's and what they found

useful to them while training trainees. -El Cajun PD


All the instructors were awesome. They had good stories that could be relatable. I liked that there were no

PowerPoints and that there were many break out rooms. -40 HR FTO San Bernardino County Probation Department


The course was great and the instructors were very knowledgeable. I would HIGHLY recommend the course to others – BIC  Lodi PD


Great class. Appreciate Jim & Matt having a wealth of real-life experience to share with us all. Enjoyed meeting everyone.  -BIC Department of Insurance


Course was scheduled great from start to finish. Great instructors and kept the class engaged. Great discussions and all questions were answered. The structure of the class was the biggest plus, especially for an online class using zoom. This was my first zoom POST class and it went great. Learned a great deal and huge confidence builder for my background investigator career. Thank you. – BIC Redondo Beach PD


I came away with tools and a blueprint on how to develop and complete a good background investigation. Great course, challenging, good instructors. I appreciate the tools to get started with my department.-   -Marin County Probation


In depth detail on remediation plans and DORS. Good examples and glad you guys took the time to explain

all questions. Glad it wasn't powerpoint based and more open discussion. Really liked the content and

structure of the class. Good explanations of (SEG).  Great presentation via zoom. And really glad it wasnt powerpoint. enjoyed all the open discussions -40 HR FTO San Francisco PD

I got a ton of useful tools and a "big picture" rendering of the current state of background work from the two instructors- who really have a vast store of pertinent information they shared with us.  I would like to give both Matt and Jim a BIG thank you for their help this week! -self sponsored

Great class overall especially for it being a remote class. This was my second 40-hr FTO school in my

career, and this was better than the first. Picked up good techniques and learned the POST way of

completing a DOR. -40 HR FTO Carlsbad PD

I learned a great deal over the past five days. Having the course online made taking the course much easier

for me and I felt all three instructors were very knowledgeable and brought forth a great deal of knowledge

and experience that will best aid me in my position as a field training officer. -Mountain View PD


I enjoyed the class. I though the online class was going to be long and tedious. The class was put together well and did a good job in preventing Zoom fatigue. Thank You. – self sponsored

Instructors Ireland, Sommer, and Mcdevitt did a great job teaching the course. they kept it engaging and I

did not expect this course to go that way. They continually engaged with us and asked for feedback which

kept things interesting - Seaside PD


I now understand the background process and what to look for as a reviewer.  I don't really have anything to add, the course was well designed and I enjoyed the format of the class. This was a great class and I would highly recommend it. -Lodi PD

Nothing was lost as a zoom class vs in-person. If anything, this enabled more efficient use of time. Great class. -Sierra County Sheriff's Office

Great class I learned a lot. I know am confident that I will be able to properly train new police officers -40HR FTO Laguna Beach PD

Great class with great instructors who really know what they are talking about. -40 HR FTO Ridgecrest PD 

I was impressed with how clear the background process became with the large amount of information to go through and after such a short amount of time. – self sponsored


Thank you so much! I learned enough to "start" doing backgrounds. Great class. -self sponsored


I learned how to take on all the complexities of a background investigation from beginning to end including how to put the full packet together. A tremendously interesting, entertaining, and well prepared course I would highly recommend to anyone who needs this training. I learned a great deal more than I thought I would. Thank you. Sincerely. -self sponsored


Best zoom training I've had. Very informative and inclusive.  -BIC

The instructors did a great job. I've trained people off and on over the years but have never had training like this and now it all makes sense. It truly makes sense now. – Ridgecrest PD